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How to create a Powerful Resume.

Sample Resumes are designed as templates and do not represent any particular individuals. Our templates will give one a quick start on writing his/her own resume. It is easy to modify and follow the structure. Most of our templates have been proven to be effective in job hunting process. We have resumes for over 60 professions and there is more than one template per field. The authors of this site hope that you can find all the resources you need to write an effective resume here, on this site.
There are also templates of cover letters and online resumes. Last but not least, there are templates of online portfolios that have been proven to be a neccessary extra step to separate yourself from the crowd. One of the best resume strategies is the famous: "Sell it to me, don't tell it to me" strategy. Online resume with online portfolio to back it up should be your selling card.
Before you start picking the template that works for you, we recommend that you read through our 'Resume Writing Guides, Techniques and Tips' section located below. This section includes everything you need to know about job hunting, interviewing, resume writing and creating portfolio.
All information on this site is free for individual use, we only request that if any content is copied, our site is mentioned as the reference.

Resume Writing Guides, Techniques and Tips

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